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Published by FredLeon on Mon, 06/07/2021 - 13:26
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Supported MCreator versions
EAP 2021.2.23417
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Submission for the 2021.2 Theme Contest

This is a Mcreator theme with a Brown/Yellow theme


This Plugin Includes:

-1 Theme with custom Colors and Icons

How to Download:

1) Download the Zip file and put it in Mcreator's Plugins folder

2)go to Preferences > Manage Plugins

3)Load the plugin(Zip file) and restart Mcreator

4)go to Preferences > UI themes

5)Select the Fred theme

6)Restart Mcreator










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Please, update that for 2020.2 when it comes out, even if it doesn't pass the competition. I absolutely love this theme, and it will fit so good for my project (being steampunky in the end) :3

We have decided to open a submission form for the themes contest to get a better insight into the themes that entered the submission. Enter on in order to participate with your theme.

I really hope you will update this theme for MCreator 2021.2 and newer, it's beautiful and I will use it even if it's not the core feature ^^

Also, if you would have time to update Archiblock for 1.16.5 (or in the future, even for 1.17), it would be sooo cool! It's my third favourite alongside Immersion and Quark as "decorative" mod, it has beautiful textures and deserves being updated ^^