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Published by MrCreeps on Thu, 07/15/2021 - 01:37
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EAP 2021.2.23417
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Creeper Gonna Creep is a set of themes made by me, MrCreeps. There is 3 themes.

Creeper Creep, a dark theme.

Creeper Burst, a light theme for people who want their eyes to burst.

Creeper UwU, a pink theme with nothing to do with creepers, plus it has comic sans xD

Creeper Creep
Creeper BurstCreeper UwU

In the future, I will be adding custom icons because I'm too lazy for now.
This theme isn't part of the theme contest :P
This is a test version so don't expect it to be perfect.

Download Instructions:

1. Download plugin file (.zip)

2. Place the file in the plugins folder of MCreator

3. Once the plugin says it is loaded restart MCreator

4. Go to Preferences > UI Themes > [Name of Theme] > Then Apply and Save

5. Restart MCreator and the theme should be active.


Hope you enjoy :D

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