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About the plugin

Adds possibility to modify entity's attributes. 

Works for Forge 1.18.2, 1.17.1 and 1.16.5.


  • Set/get max health of entity.
  • Set/get armor value of entity.
  • Set/get armor toughness of entity.
  • Set/get attack damage of entity.
  • Set/get knockback resistance of entity.
  • Set/get attack speed of entity (players only).
  • Set/get luck of entity (players only).
  • Set/get follow range of entity (non player mobs only) 
  • Set/get flying speed of entity (flying entities only) 
  • Set/get jump strength of entity (horse like entities only) 
  • Set/get zombie spawn reinforcement chance of entity (zombie entities only). 




V 1.1.2:

  • Small bug fix
  • Localisation changes



  • Added missing Movement Speed attribute
  • Renamed plugin to Attributes



  • Removed 1.15.2 
  • Added special attributes for horses, zombies and flying mobs.
  • [BigFix] Fixed not compiling attributes on 1.16.5



  • First release (Player attributes).
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GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 (LGPLv2.1)

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So... i tested the plugin in 1.18.2, Works, but in 1.16.5, the mod dosen't compile. My problem is that the mod im working on is in 1.16.5.

Update. My fault, forgot that attributes are defined in different places between between versions up to 1.16 and from 1.17. I'm on phone now and i can't check it, but i think i fixed it, but you'll have to download code from github as zip.

I'm sure flying speed is only for Bees, parrots and other flying mobs. To Movement speed i must have accidentally deleted it while I was moving stuff between files, I'll add it soon.

What does this add please list all changes and all things it adds like all other plugins do, please follow the posting rules.

Then why didn't you just wait until it was ready to post here, now it shows what it's for it's better, now you got the attributes maybe also include the vanilla data(nbt) as mcr does not support it we need a way to return string, boolen and number nbt datas set and get.

Please excuse me, I'm a little new to posting the effects of work on the net.

To vanilla data tags, those are available only through different methods, not through data tags (cause data tags or actually are made to save data on file on disc). Some of those are implemented (mostly universal ones like position, held item or inventory), but more mob specific and not added (like villager profession).

I'll add it to my "to think about" list >:3

The attribute limit is 1024, do you think it's possible to go remove the limit or make it higher?

1.18.2Unusable,Max is healthy and crashes when entering the game

I can't get the plugin to work for 1.18.2 but I don't know if I installed the plugin right way how is the plugin supposed to work