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EAP 2022.3.41417
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Animations+ is a plugin that aims to improve the quality of your model by introducing many new high quality animations! These animations can be used on any model and will hopefully fill the gaps that exist within MCreator's current animation templates.


List of most animations:





picture example

Important information:


Before you use these animations, you will need to create a procedure named EndMath containing only the procedure block provided by the plugin, which is found in the advanced section. Once saved, it will give an error, which is what is supposed to happen. You will need to edit the procedure and delete the first few lines of code as shown below.


picture example

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I almost released the plugin broken for 1.18.2 since some code changed, but I figured out how to generate packages through the plugin so I fixed it and made the process completely automatic.

Error when using forever slow swing x axis:

this.testpart.xRot = (EndMath.sin(ageInTicks * 0.2F + 2) * 0.1F);
symbol: variable EndMath
location: class Modeltest<T>
where T is a type-variable:

Actually most of the animations don't work. They just produce errors even after regenerating the code.

It seems something is wrong with either your model or your workspace, because everything works fine for me in 1.18.2 and 1.16.5:

For some reason it keeps failing when I'm trying to use it. Even after I'm regenerating the code. Tried both 1.16 and 1.18, with same results. Build error keeps popping up.

I have found the cause of the error you guys keep getting! See the forum post now available to find out how to fix it!

i tried to use i did it exactly as it was in the tutorial i did it in 1.16.5 i used mcreator version 2022.2 but it didn't work

you can also use it to make animations on blocks, moving discs and such?