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Animations+ is a plugin that aims to improve the quality of your model by introducing many new high quality animations! These animations can be used on any java model and will hopefully fill the gaps that exist within MCreator's current animation templates.


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Animations+ 2.1.1 (2024.1.15821 support) - Animations plus_0.zipUploaded on: 04/13/2024 - 04:22   File size: 3.39 KB


Hi! I have a problem in 2023.3 where, when creating a creature model with your animations, the code will say that don't recognize the "EndMath Procedure" and don't let me create it.

Wasn't the creation of the EndMath Procedure unnecessary in the Animations+ 2.0? Its like it stills there...

when i use this on 2021.1 (1.12.2) none of the animations show up for custom models

I have been trying for hours unsuccessfully. How does this work ? I place plugin inside plugin folder and then what ? Where are new animations ? I see no new procedures, no new do you use the plugin ?

Is it possible to add a slow swing animation for left and right? like how there is for a wing swing?

I really love this addon. Thank you so much for making it! :D

Excellent plugin, should I lock the procedure once I edit the code?
In my use case, I change my mods version frequently to support 1.18 and 1.19, fabric and forge

Submitted by Faruk Arda on Mon, 11/14/2022 - 00:43 Permalink

I want to make space mod and I have a dimension called space; but the sky looks bad even though I set the time to be night all the time in the space dimension. Since there is still a moon on the sky. The resion I am telling you this is because you made some of the best MCreator plugins. So culd you please make a MCreator plugin that lets you change the sky (like on a biome or a dimension). Also my mod is on MCreator 2022.2; so I would be happy if you made the plugin for MCreator 2022.2 too.

you can also use it to make animations on blocks, moving discs and such?

i tried to use i did it exactly as it was in the tutorial i did it in 1.16.5 i used mcreator version 2022.2 but it didn't work