End Biomes [Forge 1.18.2]

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End Biomes
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End Biomes is a small plugin that adds support for Fabric's Biome API, through which new biomes can be added to the end. By using this, compatibility between multiple end mods is possible, as there will no longer be a need to generate new terrain on top of the vanilla biomes.





The terrain of the biome cannot directly be adjusted through the biome menu, therefore features will need to be added using generation conditions.



There are 2 types of biomes you can create, Highlands through the End Highlands Biome default feature and Small Islands through the End Islands Biome default feature but it can also be both.


These will by default generate as regular end biomes, any features added will be through the generation condition shown above.


After exported, your mod will require Fabric's Biome API to launch.

-It is only currently updated up to 1.18.2, so don't ask about it in the replies, I'll update the plugin if it gets updated. 

MIT License

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Hello, I really can't understand about this End Biomes Plugin, it says Forge 1.18.2 on the title, but it mentions Fabric's Biome API.
Is it for Forge or Fabric (or technically, for both)?

Heya, I just ran into a problem: I made a biome, but the blocks that I put for it don't appear. What I did notice is that the water is the color I put it to look.

So, if this requires Fabric's Biome API to launch.
We have to wait for 1.19.2 version of that mod to get this plugin updated, right?

Submitted by Faruk Arda on Mon, 11/14/2022 - 00:30 Permalink

I want to make space mod and I have a dimension called space; but the sky looks bad even though I set the time to be night all the time in the space dimension. Since there is still a moon on the sky. The resion I am telling you this is because you made some of the best MCreator plugins. So culd you please make a MCreator plugin that lets you change the sky (like on a biome or a dimension). Also my mod is on MCreator 2022.2; so I would be happy if you made the plugin for MCreator 2022.2 too.

the title says forge, but it requires fabric?? so if i make a mod with this will it be a fabric or forge mod?