Minecraft Forge 1.16.5 Generator [For MCreator 2022.3+]

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A port of the 1.16.5 Generator from older version to the newest mcreator version; This generator will also include bug-fixes and ports of features over time, including currently a fix that allows it to work properly on 2022.3


You are welcome to support this project by opening pull requests.
WARNING: Minecraft 1.16.5 is no longer supported by MCreator (Pylo). This repository here is only for reference purposes and for community use. It is not officially supported.

Mainteiner: Urielito3010/Kleiders

Thanks to the MCreator team for keeping the generator up for so long!

Some 1.16.5 generator exclusive procedures have been added:
Example of a dimension with a custom sun and moon, done by changing a Player Persistent Variable.
example 1
example 2

Example of a nested "for each entity as" block:

When there is a pig near the player, all cows within a 20 block radius from the pig will be damaged. Instead of having entity iterators, you need to add a custom block snippet and replace entity fields with that snippet, like in the image.


Changelog (Older changelogs can be found on github): 

Fixed a bug with the Fluid element on 2022.3

Fixed a bug with the "Advanced For Each Statement" that prevented it from loading the game.

Added two procedure blocks to change Vanilla Textures
-Change vanilla texture {vanillatexture} to {yourtexture}
-Undo texture change for texture {vanillatexture}
(An example can be found above in the plugins page)
Clarified in the music disc element that "lenght in ticks" is not supported (And will never be, as it was added on 1.19.2)
Added a custom warning for client side procedures (Specifically added for the texture changers)
-Moved the advanced "for each entity as" to the advanced tab.

-Added an Advanced "For each entity as entity iterator" procedure that can be nested. (Requires the use of custom code snipets to declare what "entity iterator" will be.)
-Fixed Biomes allowing them to generate correctly.
-Biome tags do not work because they were introduced by minecraft on 1.18.2. (And base mcreator no longer supports biome dictionary types)

GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)

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Found 2 issues:
1. It no-longer supports biome tags (is biome at: x, y, x tagged in biome tags at "tag")
2. It can't load custom dimensions anymore either

One question, all previous features that could be applied in previous versions can still be applied with this generator? I mean that percentage thing when you start a mod and have to choose a version.

If I were you I would Ignore the "percentage" thing that is there, as it doesn't give any real information. Any features that worked on 2022.2 work except for "is biome type", only because biomedictionary support was completely removed. And some features have been fixed to work in 2022.3, along with other future fixes that will add new features to the generator. (Specifically targetting 2022.4 future additions that will be added to be fully compatible with the 1.16.5 generator)