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2022.3 ONLY, 2023.1+ Removed features that were neccesary for 1.16.5 and older versions to work properly.


A port of the 1.16.5 Generator from older version to the newest mcreator version; This generator will also include bug-fixes and ports of features over time, including currently a fix that allows it to work properly on 2022.3


You are welcome to support this project by opening pull requests.
WARNING: Minecraft 1.16.5 is no longer supported by MCreator (Pylo). This repository here is only for reference purposes and for community use. It is not officially supported.

Mainteiner: Urielito3010/Kleiders

Thanks to the MCreator team for keeping the generator up for so long!

Some 1.16.5 generator exclusive procedures have been added:
Example of a dimension with a custom sun and moon, done by changing a Player Persistent Variable.
example 1
example 2

Example of a nested "for each entity as" block:

When there is a pig near the player, all cows within a 20 block radius from the pig will be damaged. Instead of having entity iterators, you need to add a custom block snippet and replace entity fields with that snippet, like in the image.


Changelog (Older changelogs can be found on github): 

Fixed a bug with the Fluid element on 2022.3

Fixed a bug with the "Advanced For Each Statement" that prevented it from loading the game.

Added two procedure blocks to change Vanilla Textures
-Change vanilla texture {vanillatexture} to {yourtexture}
-Undo texture change for texture {vanillatexture}
(An example can be found above in the plugins page)
Clarified in the music disc element that "lenght in ticks" is not supported (And will never be, as it was added on 1.19.2)
Added a custom warning for client side procedures (Specifically added for the texture changers)
-Moved the advanced "for each entity as" to the advanced tab.

-Added an Advanced "For each entity as entity iterator" procedure that can be nested. (Requires the use of custom code snipets to declare what "entity iterator" will be.)
-Fixed Biomes allowing them to generate correctly.
-Biome tags do not work because they were introduced by minecraft on 1.18.2. (And base mcreator no longer supports biome dictionary types)

GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)

Plugin downloads
MCreator 1.16.5 Generator Plugin V1.2.0.zip - MCreator 1.16.5 Generator Plugin V1.2.0.zipUploaded on: 11/10/2022 - 23:35   File size: 432.25 KB
MCreator 1.16.5 Generator Plugin V1.3.2.zip - MCreator 1.16.5 Generator Plugin v1.3.2.zipUploaded on: 11/12/2022 - 17:10   File size: 431.35 KB


I made a custom block with a JSON model and it is not showing up in the game at all. It's not in the creative menu or an option for /give. Does this plugin allow JSON blocks?

I seem to be having a problem with ore and structure generation in a mod I'm making. I'm making a mod with a custom dimension that uses the End gen type. I wanted to add ore and structures to the dimension, but the structures and ores rarely ever generate above y=3, even though I specified the ore to generate up to y=128. And in an End gen type, y=3 typically has no blocks there ever, so until I allowed it to spawn in the air, no ores spawned at all, and the structures were all over the place, not generating where you would think they would generate. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

When shoot arrow which's pickup type DISALLOWED, I can pickup both in creative and survival. Is this generator's bug?

hey man, can you make the sky procedures a separate plugin for 1.19.2 generator?

Could you please update the plugin for 2023.1. Because it doesn't work. I think the symbols system is outdated or something like that.

Hi, I see that a new version of the plugin hasn't been released for a while, I was wondering if it was abandoned or simply you are still working on it.

i have found a bug when updating from 2022.3 to 2023.1: after the update the Workspace just stops working and keeps giving me errors, first i thought my workspace got curopted bcuz of the update but then i found out that when i updated my workspace, the folder "itemgroup" in the location "C:\Users\username\MCreatorWorkspaces\mod_folder\src\main\java\mod_id" got removed and Mcreator can't build without it because its the folder that keeps the code for the Mod Items Tab, and every item and block needs the items tab in the game so it just gives an error, i tried re-adding the folder and the code but it just gets deleted for some reason, there might be other codes that misteriously gets deleted, cuz in the Console structures also gave an error, i hope this gets fixed soon!

I mean maybe he could update it if you people didn't flood him with all those requests. You do imagine that it requires to find all the new features from 2023.1 AND translate it to 1.16.5, which is written in a completely different style of code than +1.17, right? Give the man some break, I'm confident we'll get the update someday