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Item Tooltips is a plugin that allows for the creation of dynamic item descriptions and item modification in general. Through the use of the tooltip rendering event, an item can be modified using both the procedures of the plugin and already provided procedures by MCreator while the mouse is hovering above it. Currently supported Minecraft versions include forge 1.16.5, 1.18.2 and 1.19.2.




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I was doing the appendHoverItem modification thing until i saw that this got approved. Thanks for this, as many more people will be able to use dynamic tooltips, and that's always a nice thing to implement in any mod. Combining this with the plugin that adds the screen check for "is Alt down" and "is Ctrl down" and you can make some pretty cool stuff, i have items that show 1 line with ctrl, 1 line with shift and another line with alt. Good work again!

Oh yeah, i didn't saw the little arrow next to the "Shift" block, i suppose you can change there what modifier needs to be pressed. I have a question Nerdy, is possible that you maybe reimplement that procedure block that adds lore when an item is in a certain slot container? I used to do that with your old plugin, and that worked great as i was doing a workstation that gives reforges to items you put in, and i simply needed to add a line when the item was in the slot of the workstation. Now that that block is gone i don't know if is possible to make the same result with this new "add line" block that you've implemented. Any idea of how can be done, if it's possible?

that‘s a epic work. but Is there a way that the tooltip appears before the tool Attributes(non-native english speakers)

yey no more FULL SCREEN OF TEXT when i hover on my most complex items!

Has this been tested with servers ? as I know another plugin here that checked the keys had problems with servers.