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EAP 2023.2.20712
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Item Tooltips is a plugin that allows for the creation of dynamic item descriptions and item modification in general. Through the use of the tooltip rendering event, an item can be modified using both the procedures of the plugin and already provided procedures by MCreator while the mouse is hovering above it.




Procedure blocks


-Fixed the tooltip global trigger causing servers not to load on neoforge 1.20.4
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When I try to start a server with my mod that uses the plugin I get this error:

?7java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: class net.mcreator.qj.procedures.DetectorTooltipupdateProcedure has no @SubscribeEvent methods, but register was called anyway.
The event bus only recognizes listener methods that have the @SubscribeEvent annotation.

In version 2024.1 when event trigger is set to "on tooltip render", opening inventory in creative mode crashes the game.

Hi guys, can someone explain why a procedure made with this always says missing dependencies? (for example i cant add it in the "when living entity is hit with tool" for a sword im making because it just says missing dependencies) 2024.1.17319 neoforge 1.20.4

Hi Nerdy, thanks for this great plugin! I found a bug in item tooltips plugin (I used Neoforge 1.20.4 and mcreator 2024.1.15821 when I found this bug).

When using entity dependency, mcreator gives an error. I looked into Mcreator logs and found something suspicious.

In procedures where I didn't use entity dependency, all was okay, but in procedures where I used entity dependency, there was an error, and I thought

that I can fix it myself. I looked into plugin folder neoforge 1.20.4 tooltip event(trigger) and changed "entity": "event.getPlayer()" to "entity": "event.getEntity()".

After that, this error didn't happen. And sorry for the bad English:)

HI Nerdy, thank you for adding this to the collection. I understand that the plugin is called Item Tooltips and it certainly fits the need for organizing the content of item tooltips. I was wondering if it might be difficult to add the above five or so procedures to the tool tips used in the GUI screen? Again, I understand this is different than Tooltips for Items and likely most people don't use the GUI tooltips beyond adding a 3 to 7 word description (I assume). Just thought it might be nice to have that new line procedure in the GUI tooltip a want certainly not a need. Again Thank you for all that you do. Your work is appreciated!!!

Is there a way to render custom tooltips before other tooltips? im having issues with advanced tooltips rendering before my custom ones

super cool plugin, found it while browsing for plugins (i really like installing plugins, it makes everything easier) gonna try it in my next mod!

For whatever reason, whenever I use the "On tooltip rendering" global trigger now, it no longer works. Attaching any block on to it causes it to be marked as an error and doesn't finish building the workspace. (MCreator 2023.4, Item Tooltips v1.2 - 1.20.1 support)

hello, thanks for the plugin! Please do it on 1.20.1
The code does not change from 1.19.2. I just took the code generated on 1.19.2 by your plugin and ported it to 1.20.1. Everything is working! But it's not very convenient.... Thank you!

I figured out how to do it, it's pretty easy to!

1:place the "" file somewhere you can edit it (AKA: somewhere you don't mind making a mess of random files in) and extract the files from the zip file

2:Next inside the un-zipped folder find the file named "forge-1.19.4" copy and past it and rename the new copy to "forge-1.20.1" place this renamed folder in the un-zipped folder if you haven't already

3:Then select all the files inside the modified un-zipped folder and select the option with the right mouse button to
"send to -> compressed (zipped) folder" and place the resulting zip file into your plugins folder before relaunching MCreator!

Hope this helps!! :D