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Danjos Random Additions to MCreator


- Procedure blocks for type casting

- Alternative for each entity block, that allows rectangular cuboids

- Allow to bind Key Bindings to mouse buttons

- Procedure block to get the entity an entity is looking at (entity raycasting)


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If you ever encounter an error like
"incompatible types: possible lossy conversion from double to int"
you can use the type cast blocks to explicitly change the type

you can also do it to prevent this:
1 / 2 = 0

1 / [Cast 2 to double] = 0.5

OMG That rectangular cuboids it is exactly what I was looking!

hello, i want to konw how to use the block that get the entity is looked? It reminds me "Block entity_do_raycast is not supported by the selected generator!"

When is using the get entity is looking a erro happen
Version 1.18.2
Mcreator 2023.3

Erron cannot find the symbol
I dont remeber exactly the error but it's similar to this

When I make a keybind with "Left Mouse", it disables the base game punching. Can you please fix this?

I'm with ZRV01 here. Disabling base behaviours for all of the mouse clicks when using them for something else mod-sided is a bug that's not in regular Minecraft.

Per example: I can set the jumping keybind to any of the mouse clicks and both things work at the same time. Left click? Punch and jump it is.

For that matter, I suggest you look up how to fix this, please :>

This is a legitimately amazing plugin, I really love the "get entity entity is looking at" block, I am going to use that ALL the time! Also, the key triggering left click thing is super useful! Thanks so much for making this, I have wanted these features in MCreator for a really long time!