Can't Download Techne and Techne problems

Published by DaedBeet on Fri, 02/02/2018 - 03:41
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Issue description

There seems to be an issue with Techne. First, when you click the Techne button when making a mob, EVEN IF YOU HAVE IT, it will ask you to download it. Second, if you make a model in the modeling program, it always has an error, usually regarding a different thing each time. Lastly, you can't download Techne any more and is completely unsupported. I looked into it and there really isn't anything else to use. As well as the problem about it requiring a .java file and not a .tcn file. PLEASE HELP.  If you have any suggestions about different makers for models and such, please tell me.


Issue comments

In order for Techne models to work, you need to define a proper model. You can find more help regarding this on our wiki.

It is true that Techne is not downloadable yet so we are looking for alternatives and one of them will be the next modeler in MCreator. We are open to suggestions and are also thinking of designing our own basic modeler that will integrate with MCreator well and be compatible in all cases.

However will have in the future to replace Techne to another program

I have a direct-link to download Techne here, if you are desperate to use it.

Just UnZip the .zip and run the 'Techne.exe' (Don't drag anything out of the folder or you will break it, just make a Shortcut!)


so I seem to be having problems with techne for 1.12.2, the mod works fine until I try to run it in minecraft, the mod crashes and I am thinking its the model, there is no mirrored textures and all the bricks are in a folder in techne. I export it into mcreator and nothing goes wrong there, when I export the mod and into minecraft is when minecraft crashes...any help?

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