Tree Maker

Published by Hakann on Sat, 02/03/2018 - 18:15
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Issue description

Please add tree maker in MCreator 2.x.x

Issue comments

You have the option to import schematic for custom trees. More advanced tree designer might be introduced in the future.

"You have the option to import schematic for custom trees" – but your trees will be generated on water too. When you create a sapling if you use bone meal the tree grows away from the sampling so while normal (without bugs) the trees cannot be created.

we need a feature like this in 2.0, here are some of my suggestions for a tree maker for @Klemen to look at...

- choose the stuff needed to create saplings for your custom trees

- make custom tree leaves that die off when the trunk is cut down

- some sort of 3d tree designer to make and design the schematic for the tree and show what it looks like

- choose if bone meal can make sapling grow (if you wanted a rare endangered slow growing tree like mahogany)

- choose how fast your tree grows from sapling

- choose what the tree drops (saplings, fruits, etc) and if it does so randomly or when leaves are removed

- choose biomes and dimensions your custom tree can generate in

- choose how often your custom tree generates on map gen

- choose what blocks your custom tree can generate on

- choose if your entire tree can be instantly cut down by removing the bottom log and drop everything (similar to trees in terrafirmacraft) or act like vanilla trees


Lots of those are for coding and not mcreator. I can almost guarantee that the 3d designer will not get implemented, as you can use mcedit or an online schematic maker. The bottom one is also highly unlikely to be added, its just not how trees work, and requires tonnes of extra unnecessary code, just install tree capitator.

Here is what I think: 

The first thing is strange and not needed since you cant craft any other type of sapling

The second one would be needed if they decide to make this a feature

The third is just way too hard and time consuming to program, instead just have multiple preset designs as well as all the vanilla designs

The fourth and fifth are not needed and would take time away from the creators when they could be doing other things

The sixth needs to by default go with number two but it should always have the saplings to drop and an item box for an additional item and it would be hard for them to make the leaves do that randomly and that is not really needed

Number seven is already in mcreator so....

Number eight is also already in mcreator....

Number nine would be way to complicated and time consuming and for number ten you could just get the tree capitator mod