Needed MCreator mass Liquid Update

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Some stuff that NEEDS to be fixed in a Mass Liquid Update for MCreator to go along with the Liquid Update (1.13) coming to Minecraft

- custom liquids need some variable that sets the speed that players and mobs will sink in them (the fastest would near air thickness, and the slowest would be slower than the speed players sink in spider web) (players sink faster in water than they do in lava)

- ability to choose if custom fluid has a thin solid breakable dry surface (like some real life quicksands do that will break if you jump on them too hard)
- ability to choose a custom texture that could be set be applied to show over the screen only under the liquid such as if the liquid was quicksand to block the players view if they went under
- ability to choose what particles the liquid generates
- ability to set a fog depth and color under the liquid (lava has a thick orange fog under the surface)
- ability to set if the fluid flows and acts like water when placed on edges and automatically fills in a area completely

- ability to set if fluid generates in world

- ability to choose what biomes it generates in or if it generates globally, and choose if forms in lakes, rivers, ponds, oceans, etc

- ability to choose schematics for custom fluid generation

- ability to set pool size, width, depth, etc in generation



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