More Custom Biome Generation Options

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Issue description

we need some more custom biome generation options like

- ability to choose more than 1 surface and ground block type

- ability to choose type of rock used underground > overrides default vanilla stone (block id 1) if chosen.

- we need Events and triggers for biomes ***

examples of events that could be created for biomes

player in custom biome called stormy forest > change weather to thunder

player in a volcanic biome full of hot ash and magma and smoke > apply potion effect slowness and blindness

player leaves volcanic biome > clear blindness and slowness potion effects

player not in biome called stormy forest > make weather clear

biome exists in world > set weather in biome

- ability to choose if liquid below sea level is water ocean or nothing, or lava or even something else

- ability to set minimum and maximum height differences to negative numbers to form deep valleys, canyon's, oceans, pits etc.

- ability to name a custom extreme mountain biome "Treacherous Mountain" which causes the name "Treacherous Mountain" to show up properly on the F3 debug menu

- ability to choose from a set of templates for landscape generation type to generate your biome to be in the shape of certain landscapes (for example valley, volcano, island, sky island, mountain range, canyon, river, swamp, ocean etc.)

- ability to choose more than 1 custom tree or plant schematic

- ability to choose a custom block to replace sand (for sand patches per chunk)

- ability to choose what kind of liquids generate such as lava and water or CUSTOM LIQUID lakes, rivers, etc. (example generating lava rivers and lakes and some lava and tar (custom liquid) pools in a custom volcanic biome)

- ability to choose how liquids generate in custom biomes such as river, lake, ocean, pond size and depth etc.

- ability to set biome size (if it is larger or smaller than normal biomes)

- ability to set number of custom bushes, plants etc per chunk.


Now some stuff for underground parts in Custom 

- ability to choose amount of cave, hole, ravine, tube generation etc...

- ability to choose custom blocks to replace the 5 kinds of rocks underground (replacing rock, basalt, granite, etc underground with custom blocks in custom biome)

- ability to choose what ores and even choose multiple custom ones to generate in custom biomes

- ability to choose how common ores and custom ores generated are (example making diamond ore more common in a custom volcanic biome)

- ability to choose how often liquids, lakes, waterfalls etc and the depth they generate at underground (example adding more lava underground in a custom volcanic biome)

- ability to choose what underground structures generate and also choose from schematics if and what custom ones generate too

- ability to choose if any plants, grasses, weeds, flowers, mushrooms, trees, custom plants or trees from schematics generate underground




if there are any other suggestions for custom biomes that i have not thought of, put them in a reply below...

Issue comments

Thank you for these suggestions. We will try to consider as many of them as possible, but keep in mind that we will not implement all of them. Some of these requests are just not possible with base Minecraft Forge framework, and some of them are also duplicates. Please check other issues before posting duplicate ideas. Thanks!

try to get as many as you can, i posted a lot of stuff i wanted on the forum 6 months ago and nothing happened with it, not even ONE of my suggestions or bug reports from the forum ended up in mcreator...

"ability to choose what kind of liquids generate such as lava and water or CUSTOM LIQUID lakes, rivers, etc. (example generating lava rivers and lakes and some lava and tar (custom liquid) pools in a custom volcanic biome)"

This should have been in the program ages ago.. This isn't a feature request, this is a basic function..
Not being able to choose what custom-liquid lakes appear or where is unacceptable, and has blocked me from
making progress on my mod, since multiple biomes in it require exactly that, lakes of specific liquid types.. SPECIFIC liquid types, as in "Not ALL of them" but "only those I should already be able to choose by biome"

What's even worse, is that the "generate lakes" option in the biome setting is currently broken.. Lakes will generate regardless if that option is enabled or not.

I think you should be able to create a river biome and replace regular water with your own custom fluid blocks. That would be really helpful for what I'm trying to do! (If it can be done, please tell me!)

I think i know how to do it:


Make a biome and set theground block as grass and the underground block as dirt


Make a new block and in the generation settings make the block replace the grass and dirt


In the average number of groups and ores put 20


Restrict the block to apear only in the created biome


In procedures, go to block procedures and drag and drop the "Place (block) at x y z"


In the slot choose the water block. 


And i think that's all. 

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