My recipes disappeared when updating to mcreator 1.7.9

Published by thebebist on Sat, 05/05/2018 - 15:22
Issue description

moast of my recipes disappeared when i updated my mod workspace to mcreator 1.7.9

and there was no new mod elements called the name of the item/block + recipe

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the bebists mod.mcr795.79 KB 795.79 KB

Issue comments

I have reuploaded MCreator 1.7.9 with this bug fixed. Please uninstall your current 1.7.9 and install a new one. Then try to import workspace again. This time, it will import the workspace properly.

Please report back how it went and sorry for the inconvenience caused by this bug which slipped through our testing.

UPDATE (5.5 19:50 CET)

If you downloaded MCreator between 19:30 and 19:45, there was a critical error in it and it needs to be redownloaded again.

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