Ability to Rename Mod Elements

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Issue description

Could you allow the user to rename the title of a mod element?

Issue comments

Due to the way MCreator stores data, this is currently not possible, but might be implemented in MCreator 2.x.x series.

I was just about to ask this and wasn't able to post more than one issue. I found a typo in the names I was using and wanted to correct them.  I was able to do the find/replace and correct the code references, but there isn't an edit/rename on the actual java files or a means to copy and remove the old.  This would be a very helpful feature for us who know Java and want to clean up our own code.  It's got my vote!

This is old, but this would be really really usefull. The first like 50 elements are named stupidly when i was starting out with mcreator and now it's really irritating and i'm getting lost most of the time while browsing through them. 

I think you can duplicate the elements by changing the name, although if the mod has already been used in a world those blocks will disappear, I do not know if it is what you are looking for but I hope it helps someone. Sorry if my English has been bad, I have used the Google translator which is not very reliable.


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