Suddenly missing entity textures

Published by JustJ71 on Sun, 08/12/2018 - 09:31
Issue description

Everything was fine then started a new mod and all the models textures are black for the arms and purple for the rest. I've tried reinstalling and before that tested numerous model textures all with same problem. Vanilla textures show up fine as usual and it only affects the "creatures"  or "mobs" that use vanilla models with custom textures. I have noticed when I spawn a mob that uses a custom texture that there is a "blink" on the model then the black and purple ie missing texture.

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Strange Black and Purple textures (shrug)54.05 KB 54.05 KB

Issue comments

It seems I found out what seemed to be causing the texture problem. Recently finished a 9 section 10 x 10 structure using Schematic that lined up fine but that's when the texture problem started. I recently tested it with a smaller 4 section 10 x 10 structure also using Schematic and had no problems. Guess man wasn't meant to cross some borders ;)  Thanks though for the fast reply. Also just if you were curious I never received a error message of any kind from MCreator just the weird black and purple textures.


That's the MCR file, I just gave up on it since the problem persisted even after I deleted and switched workspaces. Now all is working again so again many thanks for your fast response.