Gradle build failed

Works as designed
Issue description

Everytime i attempt to run MCreator, everything will go fine until it displays "current task:recompileMC ...", i'll suddenly get a "gradle task failed" error with the error code "GRADLE_BUILD_FAILED [-23]" and it says the error is unknown. i also can't find this supposed "Gradle log" it says to check to aid in troubleshooting


edit: pastebin of what i could see of the console, which i am also unable to interact with in any way when the error happens, so this is re-typed from the console instead of just being copy/pasted

Issue comments

The error log is located in the Console tab of MCreator. Just copy the contents and paste them in the original ticket post by editing it.

You need to install Java 8 JDK and set the JAVA_HOME to point to the root directory of the JDK 8 installation.

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