Workspace not Exporting custom code

Published by Hidan on Thu, 08/30/2018 - 02:09
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Issue description

This one probably have occured before but I just have find out that exporting workspace does not export modifiend code
by that I mean that when you edit code for example give mob an animation and change its hitbox than save/recompile, export the workspace and import it again the animation of mob and changed hitboxes will not be there :L

Issue comments

Did you lock the code? If the code is not locked, the changes are overwritten. You need to lock the code of the mod element in order to change its code permanently.

even when I'm exporting whole workspace ?


If you export the workspace and import it back, yes, the code is overwritten. When editing a code, you need to lock the code to prevent from it being changed. Without doing this, there is no way to tell how long your changes will remain in the code.