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Issue description

Hello. So I was making a Terraria mod with MCreator. But I got a glitch. I have this a couple of times now. So if somebody could help me that would be highly apprecieated. Here is an link to the video.

(Sorry for bad english)

Issue comments

Thank you for your bug report. Did this happen in 1.7.9 too?

Please run MCreator with mcreator.bat and paste the full contents of the terminal once the MCreator starts glitching. Thanks!

It did indeed happen in 1.7.9. and if I will run the mcreator.bat file the same thing happens unfortunatly. By the way thanks for your advice.


- quinnyboy04

So as you said, I did the same thing as in the previous YouTube video. Here is the link!


As you see. I don't see anything weird, but I'm not so super good with computers and stuff. If you see something, please tell me what the problem is and how to fix it. (I'm sorry but I don't know how to copy it and paste it. I'm sorry). If you need more information please tell me!

quinnyboy04, thank you for the screen recording. Do you have the latest version of Graphics Driver for your PC installed?

Well I dont know which Graphics Driver I currently have and if it needs updates because this is an computer build by my uncle. So I will check for more information.


I have checked in bat console but didn't saw any suspicious thing that might cause this :L
but I didn't had this problem in 1.7.9 did you actually have changed anything in UI code ?

Hi Wes. Thanks for your fast response. I did not do anything with the program's files. I did had this problem in 1.7.9, and I also tested this in 1.7.3 just to see. Nothing is wrong in there, but of course I'm making a mod for the 1.12.2 Minecraft version.

Wes, no, I am not aware of any UI changes, but I will do some further investigation to find out what is causing this. I hope we will get this sorted out in 1.8.1.

Actually I think I have found the problem :D
I got same problem with MrCrayfish model maker but I'm not quite sure if this is the case
any way when this was happening I have decide to turn off MSI Afterburner and this have fixed my problem in Model maker also I want to note that I didn't have problem with Model maker before so this might be just an Incompatibility with Afterburner but I'm not sure about this yet, I will do some tests with this later and tell you if it is the case. 

I'm sure that In my case its incompatibility with MSI Afterburner because then this bug occurred I turned off Afterburner and it has been fixed instantly so my suggestion for anyone who has this bug is to close any software that shows temperature of gpu, cpu, fps etc. on screen or any software similar to Afterburner :)

Small Note: I don't have any MSI PC/Laptop or parts its just the problem with Afterburner software probably just screen layer incompatibility or something.
I'm saying this to prevent any misunderstanding like: MCreator is incompatible with MSI Products like GPU or PC's
Also as I said turning of AB has fixed my problem but I will still look for other options in case if this will happen again and inform about them here :)

Hello everybody. So I've repaired my older computer which is my main computer now. The problem on this computer is fixed and everything works! Thanks for everybody's support. I don't need any help anymore, but I want this bug fixed for newer people who experience the same issue(s). 

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