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Published by GttiqwT on Wed, 09/05/2018 - 03:33
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I made a super simple mod with just a dimension and whenever I load minecraft it automatically crashes the game. It says something along the lines that the teleporter to the dimension is breaking, can you please fix the code! Thanks.


I sent the crash report in a .zip


I added 3 really simple biomes, a ore and gem and a pickaxe. all of which work seperatly. But the dimension is broken by itself.

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Issue comments

Thank you for your bug report. Would you mind attaching the workspace .mcr file too? I thought I would be able to find the bug by error log only, but it seems that I will need more info. Thanks!

Klemen, the port issue is something to do with the particles. Whenever I change the particles it crashes. whenever I delete the test world that crashed is still happened. But as soon as I reset the particles to the default(first particle) all works again. I hope this helps.

I have checked your mod and it worked for me. Based on your error log, it seems that you are using this mod with an invalid version of Minecraft Forge.

I am still leaving this ticket open for the KreatorB's part of the error report to check and fix this.

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