Add an Item to players inventory not working

Published by Super_m on Sun, 09/16/2018 - 22:51
Works as designed
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Issue description

I'm sure everybody is familiar with this issue since it seems it hasn't been solved for 4 years.

Just for the record I searched through issue trcker and haven't found a single thread about this issue, or any active ones if I missed any.

Since the relesase of verion 1.8.0 this issue still hasn't been fixed, so this is why I'm opening this ticket.

It seems like an important issue that should finally be fixed.

Issue comments

I did the basic function that will give me block when I right click other block and its working fine but it also might be bug with other type of triggers

Ah, I see. I tried ussing the "when block is mined" trigger. I guess that doesn't work.

Wait... Since not all triggers work isn't that considered a bug? Or does it not work on specific clients?