Unable to Destroy Certin Blocks

Issue description

It appears that I'm experiencing an issue. I can't destroy certain blocks.I place the blocks in my world and try to destroy them in creative mode. Unfortunately, they won't break. When I try to jump on top of them, I just fall through. I can destroy the blocks via TNT, but that's it. So if you can, please get to me asap. I've been working on this mod for over a week and have yet to publish it due to this error. Please let me know how I can fix the issue. Thanks!

Issue comments

MCreator 1.7.4 is outdated, we don't plan to provide new fixes. This sounds like a server client communication issue. I suggest you to try to make a new world and try if it will work this time. It could also be that you set the material of these blocks to air.

I though 1.7.4 was supported. Anyway, it's acting like its an air block and not a block with the material Rock or Metal, which they are set too. I've tried your suggestion and it didn't work. I'm going to try recreating the mod elements to see if that will work.

No, all blocks are set to 0x0x0x1x1x1. Like I said, this is a bug. Now, I did export this mod from an earlier version from MCreator so the bug might be caused from that. So this might happen in later versions as well if people are exporting their mods from earlier versions.

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