Aggressive AI Bug

Published by Hidan on Fri, 10/19/2018 - 15:26
Works as designed
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Issue description

There is a small bug with Aggressive AI for mobs, actually this AI works as it should but it does not care about priority so id does no matter if its the first thing mob should do or last it will ignore player or any mob for very long "I waited for +30sec until it attacked me" other AI's works fine but this one is take long time until it start attacking.

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Issue comments

I have made this configuration:

AI Tasks Mob attack configuration MCreator 1.8.0

I have tested it and the mobs attacked me within 5 seconds in most cases. Keep in mind that AI uses a random generator for deciding when to attack so there will always be some delay before they start to attack, this is how it was coded in Minecraft.

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