ANY of my mcr files failing ALL MOD imports, and also cannot build after manual importing

Issue description

All of my mod elements are failing to import via either a .mcr File Importing, or even a MANUAL code & Resource Importing, which did actually work last time when I tried to import the exact same way that is supported by the MCreator Application, but wouldn't work then either, which the versions that I was using to Export and then try to Import from and to are: "MCreator v1.7.9" and "MCreator v1.8.0". NONE of my other stratagies I could ever think of would dismiss this issue forever, except for my type of "Manual Import", which intales having to import both the "forge" and the "user" folders.

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Issue comments

What it errors with now is: “Missing Mod Definitions”.

I DO NOT want to have to rebuild my mod from absolute scratch AGAIN, that takes way too long, and doesnt come out right at all.

In some cases, this could be caused by corrupted workspaces that got exported/generated in previous versions. I will inspect your workspace to see if anything can be done. "Manual import" may not work in all cases.

You can try to import the workspace you attached in 1.8.0 and it will fail too. There was a bug in 1.8.0 and 1.7.9 that corrupted workspaces to the point of no return. I am afraid that your workspace can't be fixed. I am very sorry to say this and I understand that you might have lost a lot of work. I suggest you to try to use textures from the corrupted workspace to start building the mod again.

We will do our best to not repeat such mistakes in future updates. 1.8.1 should be safe to use as we did a lot of testing to make sure it won't corrupt workspaces anymore.