Option to make explosions fiery

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Issue description

So, I think it would be convenient if there was an option on the procedure block for explosions to make the explosion fiery, like when Ghast fireballs explode. They leave fire behind after blowing up, but this isn't possible with the explosion procedure block we have. Thanks!

Issue comments

You can use another procedure block after the explosion that places fire blocks. You can use a random number generator to randomize the fire placement.

Just create a procedure and add explode block. Below this block, add a place block procedure block and set fire as the block to be placed. Instead of plain x, y and z coordinates, use addition and add random number to it. There are multiple forum topics on how to randomize block placement. Then just copy the section of procedure that places fire and paste it a few times to make it spawn multiple fire blocks.

You could ask on forums if one of the users would be ready to make a tutorial for this.

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