Planting food (just like Potato), more diverse drag 'n' drop programming and stuff

Published by shoyguer on Wed, 11/21/2018 - 20:57
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Issue description

Hello! I would like to share you some of my ideas of features on MCreator...

  • And option "When Right Clicked on Block" in the foods, so we can programm to plant food like potatoes;
  • Else, Else If and stuff in Drag 'n' drop;
  • Option to choosing where plants would spawn (now we just can choose chunks, so chunks and biome time);
  • When middle click in custom plants, appears suggar cane in my inventory, why???
  • Changing or using Minecraft vanilla resources.

    That's it, thank you!

Issue comments

Feature lists should not be posted in the issue tracker. Check the rules of issue tracker. We can't track lists, but only single requests.

  • Please open a separate support ticket for this, we will consider it
  • You can drag and drop this already in procedure maker
  • This is in the plan for future updates
  • Please open a separate support ticket for this, we will fix it in future updates
  • There is already a ticket to change existing elements, but existing resources (textures) should not be used (legal reasons + originality issues)

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