Why does it drop ink sac but not lapis lazuli

Published by Spookey on Sun, 11/25/2018 - 09:46
Works as designed
Issue description

So I have been trying to fix it in the code but it gets bugged .So please FIX IT. when ever select lapis lazuli to drop instead of the block that i'm making it drops ink sacs.

I making this mod called Nether Ores it just doesn't work the way I want it to .My mod is on curse forge and test with the nether lapis lazuli ore that it drops lapis lazuli .





Issue comments

This will help me make the mod 

and you people a shout out on the curse forge


Basic block drops can only be without Metadata by default. To make metadata supported drops (lapis lazulli is just inksack - dye item with metadata), disable basic drop (set it to AIR) and define a drop using procedures. Use on block destroyed by player trigger and spawn a gem with metadata when this trigger is called.

Yes, the flattening should change it. You can try to find a developer with more experience on the forums that would be ready to help you with achieving this. Basically, you just click + button in the block destroyed by the player trigger in block editor. Then select spawn gem block from the World actions category and place it below the initial green block which is the trigger, so this happens after the procedure is triggered.

i know its been almost a year since you posted this looking for an answer, but i stumbled across your post when i was searching for the answer myself. what i figured out, is that for 1.12.2 you have to enter the code for dyes like this:

            "item": "minecraft:dye",
            "data": 4

 obviously, you can substitute any number 0-15 in place of the 4 to get the specific dye color that you want.