Mod dependency and mod to mod procedure share

Published by Hidan on Thu, 01/03/2019 - 01:00
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Issue description

I want to ask if its possible to add option to share procedures and add dependancy tag to mods

For example we could make simply procedures in one mod and use it in different mod with some tweaks like changing item, coordinations and select variable

This would reduce size of mods and would allow making mod library like ChickenLib or Bookshelf library and let use it by different mod developers

But yeah its just a sugestion. 

Issue comments

You can already export procedures and use them in another mod.

Regarding dependencies, this has been discussed a few times and right now such feature would be too complex to implement.

I was thinking of something more in depth like making mod that holds only procedures and another separated mod that holds other content and some sort of bridge that will alow that second mod to grab procedures directly from first mod

I understand this, but linking them would be very complicated and keeping things working and bound to each other.