Custom update tick trigger overrides gravity option

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Issue description

While blocks like sand and gravel fall as soon as they're placed, blocks created with MCreator won't fall until "tick rate" amount of ticks have passed. This means that a block with tick rate 10 will fall after 0.5 seconds, a block with tick rate 100 will fall after 5 seconds and so on. In addition to that, the block won't fall at all if the "On tick update" event triggers a procedure.

In the example workspace, red block triggers a procedure on tick update and doesn't fall, green block has a tick rate of 10 and falls after 0.5 seconds, blue block has a tick rate of 100 and falls after 5 seconds.

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Issue comments

This is normal. MCreator uses Minecraft vanilla gravity system which checks for the block below each tick.

Regarding custom update tick trigger overriding gravity, this is indeed a bug. We will fix this bug in next updates.

The bug with custom update tick trigger overriding gravity will be fixed in 1.8.2. I am closing this ticket.