Multilanguage interface

Published by Hidan on Fri, 01/04/2019 - 14:37
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Issue description

I saw that some people would prefare to use different language in MCreator soo why don't add this and ask community for help with translations?

Only problem could be translating text in procedure blocks but for that we could use tool tips when overriding block with mouse or have small info button :) 

Issue comments

The issue is that currently all strings are hardcoded. We might externalize them in a lang file in the future, but for now MCreator will be English only as such task would take quite a lot of time.

Hey, I'm spanish, if you need help, I can translate whatever you need!

Hi I'm French and I wanted to say that many people want to translate Mcreator, so why do not you pass them .txt files and <tags>?

This was asked too many times and the answer is: there are not lang files in MCreator, strings are hardcoded and this is not going to change any soon.

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