Fortune bonus drop implementation (for blocks)

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It would be nice if the user could check: "Fortune drop bonus". If checked, the standard minecraft fortune implementation will kick in.

I think the currently implemented "drop amount" could be updated aswell... So the user will be able to set a range of the drop amount.


I would implement these options like this:


To update the "Drop amount" you need to change the method in the block-class that is currently implemented:

public int quantityDropped(Random random) {

    return 1;

To this:

public int quantityDropped(Random random) {	

    return 1 + random.nextInt(3);

In this case: the max drop amount is 3 (1 + max 2). 

The 3 in random.nextInt(3) is exclusive --> (0 ~ 2).

To add the standard minecraft fortune implementation you have to add this method to your block-class:

public int quantityDroppedWithBonus(int fortune, Random random) {

    return this.quantityDropped(random) + random.nextInt(fortune + 1);

Thats it, I hope you like my Idea ;)

Issue comments

Thank you for your feature request.

This feature can already be achieved using procedures, so at the moment, we don't plan to introduce such thing as most users don't use it, but the ones that do can just make a simple procedure to achieve this.
I myself wanted this, but you showed an example with the code, I think your idea is Magnificent.

If there is a function
Affected by silk touch:
I think they should add
Affected by Fortune:

No Fortune drop bonus.

This would be so useful, the most useful thing ever! Since I don't know how to make it happen now...

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