Creation of a biome with multiple ground block types

Published by Dado_4000 on Thu, 01/17/2019 - 15:09
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Issue description

Hi, I'm Davide.
I'm trying to create a "radioactive" biome. how can I put more than one block as a layer?
because I can only put one but I wanted to create a mixture of blocks not a single block but from the menu you can not do I think. I want to put orange sand, gravel and podzol. Thanks in advance.

Issue comments

You can not do this with biomes.

You could make one base block and use its on block added trigger to call a procedure that replaces this block with one of the blocks you would like to vary from. Then set this base block as biome ground block and when it is placed by the world generator, the procedure will replace it with randomly selected block based on the procedure you make.

hi im tiky. can i please have a tutorial about how to use this site? because i'm kinda new.