How can I get my mod back?

Published by Maxoleq on Mon, 01/21/2019 - 17:00
Issue description

I have create great mod . the mod name is splatcraft by Maxoleq 1,2. i have published it months later . now i open mcr again and all my elements and textures are gone . i dont have mcr file to import it to my workspace i only can  download my mod from this site but this is jar. (from java) not mcr file . now i cant do new version of this mod . how can i get my mod back. pls.

Issue comments

You can't import jar file back to the workspace.

You can import .mcr file, however, but consider using the latest version of MCreator as we don't support 1.7.6 anymore. You can import older .mcr files to newer MCreator.

But i don't have any mcr file . Is this possible to change jar. To mcr. file or something like that. Because i have only jar. I did not now that one day i would have my workspace removed . This suprised me

Unfortunately not. Importing .jar would be equivalent of converting .exe back to readable source code, which is not possible.

The best thing would be to extract .jar to manually restore textures and recreate the mod.

My old computer broke, and I got my old assets back and made the entire workspace from scratch on  a new computer.

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