Bug with rotation in 1.8.2 when checking for block at a position.

Published by osh307 on Mon, 02/04/2019 - 20:19
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Issue description

I have opened this support ticket as advised by Klemen in the following forum topic;


There seems to be something odd happening with block rotation when trying to check for a block at a specified location (please refer to the above forum topic as there is more info and some videos showing the issue in real time).


Thank you.

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The workspace I used in my video to show this issue.34.81 KB 34.81 KB

Issue comments

I think I found the issue. The issue is not your main block that is calling the procedure, but the BlueIronTargetBlock. It has rotation enabled too.

When checking for blocks in your procedure, you are using == comparator blocks, which check for block metadata too. As the rotated block has different metadata, the condition is not fulfilled and the GUI is not opened. What you need to do is use compare block with single =. This block only compares the block types, not the block metadata, so it isn't affected by the metadata (rotation) of the block you are checking.

Ok, so I just changed all the == blocks to just the = blocks for each check and it is indeed working as it should be.

That actually makes sense now. So the == block also checks the meta-data of the block/item, and the = block doesn't check the meta-data.

Thank you for looking into this, it's saved my multi-block plans and also given me a few more ideas.

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