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Published by shinomora on Sat, 02/09/2019 - 03:48
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Issue description

The title basically says it all. i've made a metal block for my mod and id like players to get an achievement when its crafted but there is no when block crafted block. is there any way this can be added?

Issue comments

One way would be to make an item that places this block and use item's "on crafted" procedure.

There is also a global event for crafting that adds block dependency that represents the block that has been crafted. You can use this one and check if the crafted block was yours.

This would be a welcome addition to the events.  For now, I've added my achievement under the "When block start to be destroyed" and labeled the achievement "Found myBlockName".  I couldn't use the "When block destroyed by player" because I already had a procedure listed and couldn't add a second one.  But if you do craft a block from some materials, it would be great  to have an "On block creation" option. 

smmmadden: There is already an "something crafted" global trigger that does exactly this. You can call multiple procedures using call procedure procedure block in advanced tab.

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