I can't make a mob with a custom model

Published by Ezae on Wed, 02/13/2019 - 18:31
Works as designed
Issue description

Well, Hi.
I was working in a simple mod and updating MCreator at 1.8.2
(Btw, sorry for my bad english, actually i speak spanish)
Aaaaand… The issue is…
I can't open an a custom model to the mob, idk why, but i only can use the models of vanilla mobs.
idk... hum 
So... Uh
I would appreciate if you could find a solution, although you may be very newbie in this and have to change a script or something.

Anyway, greetings from Argentina  ^^

Issue comments

Only Java models are supported. Make Java model and import it in MCreator and you will be able to select it in mob creator.

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