HELP ME! MY WORKSPACE DEAD! Someone from Pylo, help me PLEASE!

Issue description

My computer turned off when gradle was active. On the next MCreatol launch it got stopped at workspace loading process. When I opened workspace.mcreator in Notepad++ I was really shocked. All the text replaced by "NUL" symbols! Fortunally, I created a backup a week ago, .mcr file with this file but there isn't new mod elements. Can you fix this file by pasting new mod elements to it? There are zipped user folder, workspace.mcreator (backup created a week ago) and workspace.mcreator (my try to fix it). Someone from Pylo, HELP ME PLEASE!

Issue comments

We, unfortunately, can't fix this because the file is now essentially filled with NUL characters. You will need to use the backup. The issue is that Windows uses NTFS file system and if something is being written while the crash happens, the file will be filled with NUL characters.

In 1.8.3, we have added a new backup system that backups this file regularly and have also changed the way the file is written to avoid this Windows issue.

You could add mod elements with the same name and type and paste their definitions back but I can't guarantee you this will work, you could even further mess the workspace.

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