Allow player coordinates and teleport stuff to use decimals.

Published by aidanete on Sat, 03/30/2019 - 17:46
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Issue description

I have created a wand that should teleport you instantly to the ground without taking damage but doesn't matter how I do it. It teleports me just in the corner of 4 blocks, and If I continue right-clicking with it, it teleports me relatively - 1 on x and z. I have tried teleporting the player x + 0.5 and z + 0.5 but still not working. I want to teleport the player just at the floor of anywhere it's the player and if the player is on the X: 35,6062362. Keep the decimals when the wand is used.

Conclusion: My request is to allow the coordinates to be used with decimals.

Thank you 8)

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