Check for biome at procedure block doesn't work with custom biomes

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Issue description

So i was making a meganism for trees to spawn as i want them to spawn but i found a bug.

If i use "check for biome at" with a custom biome than it does nothing.         (i know how to fix this)--------> I got to the code and looked at this specific line

        if ((Biome.REGISTRY.getNameForObject(world.getBiome(new BlockPos((int) x, (int) y, (int) z))).getResourcePath()
                .equals("mcreator_dungeonPlains.biome"))) {

I looked at it and removed mcreator_ and .biome            so i would get this:                 .equals("dungeonPlains"))) {       than it worked yay.

But i tried the same thing to fix the same bug for a (custom) dimension and it didn't work.

So i hope you are able to fix this. (i use that block very often)


Bye (again)           :)

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