Custom shield mod element

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How create a Shield, in minecraft, the same shield as the new versions of minecraft, if i can't, how i can create it via codes?

Issue comments

We have shields in the plan for later versions. For code, you could ask on forums or google a bit, I believe there are examples on how to do this.

wow, in the next update will have shields? Perfect! i can't wait.. oh, and it would be perfect if we could make 3d armors and we could create our processing machines, like a better furnace for only specific metals

I did not say next update, I said we have this in the plan for later versions.

i said next update because shield is a old item added in the game, so it was taking too long to add it as an item to make, i mean, shield was added in 2016 and we are in 2019, but ok ^^

One issue with shields is you can't really control any parameter of it so you could just retexture it, not add any other actual logic to it, except for procedures maybe.

I have done a lot of work to get shields to work but the issue is that shield item is just a placeholder. Later in player logic, there is a check for shield item and all shield actions happen here. The custom shield is not detected by this logic, so we currently can't add custom shields. If I find a way around this, I will reopen this ticket and add shield support.

In 1.9.1 added custom element. Can you show me shield code?

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