how to import custom mob model into MCreator 1.9.0?

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I don't know where the file is that holds the custom mob models. can someone please tell how to get there, or it least tell me where it is, or something? I have looked through all of the

folders named "model", and barley can find MCreator 1.9.0. And by the way, since the admins are gonna see this, can you tell me why you got rid of the button that allowed you to directly import custom models?

my model is featured below.

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my custom mob model242.2 KB 242.2 KB

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You can still import the models. In the toolbar, you have red, blue and green import model buttons for different types. You can import models in the Resources menu section too.

You can import models in the resources tab in workspace browser too.

i know how to import a java model, but mine keeps saying: "Your model name is not a valid Java name! Custom mod model names can not contain whitespace, start with number or contain any non ASCII letters." even though mine is valid

Leolionross, model name is not the file name but the actual name of the model inside the model code in .java file. Set proper model name before exporting it to java file in your modeler tool.

I used Blockbench to make my model. i do not know how to export the model into mcreator tho i have tried everything. my texture worked but it just isnt meant for the mobs they give you. 

Try watching any tutorials for this, I am not entirely about exact steps. Generally, you set model name in blockbench when making it and then export it to Java model file.

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