Better NBT-Tags with Mobs

Published by Rotmax on Sun, 07/21/2019 - 10:33
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Issue description

It would be nice to have more options with Nbt-Tags.

As an example, you could add a feature similar to the rider for the variables (global).

So a rider, where you can save/store Nbt tags. For example, Mob Ai Bases to override the first ones....

Issue comments

I don't quite understand what you meant here. But MCreator already supports all possible reasonable variable scopes.

He wants a variable that is bassically a variable stuck to the entity.


"you right click the mob and it sets a value in the mob to TRUE

if you right click it again and that value of the entity is TRUE then it will play a sound and spawn a item, then be set back to False"


A variable system for (local not temp) variables would be very usful indeed!
And i agree that this would be very very helpful in scripting! infact it could be used to create delays and all kinds of things via counting per tick and things like that!

Please add this feature!

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