your model name is not a valid java name

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When i put my java model file in, it says that there cannot be any non ascii letters, but it doesnt, it is simply Help!

Issue comments

If you don't know Java, you can paste your model code here in a code block and I will assist you.

Hello, could you please take a look at my model code since i can not find the model name (i am extremely new to this) and found no tutorials on how to walk me through let alone i would understand them

Thanks in advance

public codebeautify class Codebeautify {
 Textures TexturesObject;
 ArrayList < Object > elements = new ArrayList < Object > ();

 // Getter Methods 

 public Textures getTextures() {
  return TexturesObject;

 // Setter Methods 

 public void setTextures(Textures texturesObject) {
  this.TexturesObject = texturesObject;
public class Textures {
 private String texture0;
 private String texture1;
 private String texture2;
 private String texture3;
 private String texture4;
 private String texture5;
 private String texture6;
 private String particle;

 // Getter Methods 

 public String getTexture0() {
  return texture0;

 public String getTexture1() {
  return texture1;

 public String getTexture2() {
  return texture2;

 public String getTexture3() {
  return texture3;

 public String getTexture4() {
  return texture4;

 public String getTexture5() {
  return texture5;

 public String getTexture6() {
  return texture6;

 public String getParticle() {
  return particle;

 // Setter Methods 

 public void setTexture0(String texture0) {
  this.texture0 = texture0;

 public void setTexture1(String texture1) {
  this.texture1 = texture1;

 public void setTexture2(String texture2) {
  this.texture2 = texture2;

 public void setTexture3(String texture3) {
  this.texture3 = texture3;

 public void setTexture4(String texture4) {
  this.texture4 = texture4;

 public void setTexture5(String texture5) {
  this.texture5 = texture5;

 public void setTexture6(String texture6) {
  this.texture6 = texture6;

 public void setParticle(String particle) {
  this.particle = particle;

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