"Sound bundles"

Published by Lakas on Mon, 07/29/2019 - 11:58
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Issue description

So when we choose sounds for our mobs or sounds for our ranged weapon, we can choose either vanilla sounds or our own custom made sounds. When we choose vanilla sounds for example entity.zombie.ambient the game will play all of the zombie's idle sounds (oof obviously). When we choose our custom sounds, you can only choose one specific sound that will be played. So that's quite a problem for people who make multiple custom idle/hurt/death/step/shoot sounds for the same entity. Right now, procedures can fix this but sometimes the sounds will overlap themselves. My solution would be that you can create "sound bundles" for your custom sounds just like vanilla. First, you set the bundle's name and then you can only register your custom sounds to the bundle. "Sound bundles" have a limit, so you can't add infinite amount of sounds in one bundle incase of memory problems or anything idk. Now, I don't know, if there's already a different way to add multiple custom sounds for a mob when it's idling or anything like that but yeah, if there isn't I would appreciate something like this to be added. Thanks for reading!

Issue comments

We do plan to add this and was already requested recently. For now, you can use procedures to randomly play random sounds similar to living sounds if you want to use more than one.

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