Armor meshes do not line up on mobs as well the not all skin layers shown

Published by raziel23x on Sat, 08/03/2019 - 15:17
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Issue description

when i launch minecraft to test the mob I have these issues as the skin for the mob is not completely in use 


I created the texture for the mob using and imported the generated png file which is listed in the attachments

and the textures of the diamond armor which i have a full set of armor on the guy which looks completely crazy and not placed correctly at all and is mix matched

here is a clip show me testing the mob i created and the textures are all messed up including the vanilla armor that it is spawned with on



Attachment Size
Custom mob with armor and item drops mod37.69 KB 37.69 KB
the mob skin file2.21 KB 2.21 KB
elements file for the mob4.06 KB 4.06 KB

Issue comments

MCreator just imports the custom model you made with your modeler and attaches it to the mob code properties description. If the model does not work, this is most likely a bug of the modeler. Or do you use biped default model?

i just used the defaults in MCreator the only thing i did custom was the skin from the skin-editor everything else is defaults from MCreator 

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