How to make slabs and other custom block models in MCreator 1.9.0?

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Issue description

I wanted to make a model for vine. I tried to do that in Techne and also Blockbench. I made a .java file and renamed into a .json file, than I imported it into MCreator but there wasn't anything in the texture mappings window. Please, tell me what to do and how to make these models, because I need to make them and I always get only broken textures.

Issue comments

You can just make java file and rename it to json, this is not how this works. Export your model in JSON in the modeler. Search on this website or YouTube for tutorials on how to do this.

dose anyone know how to rename custom models because I've already made a custom mob(frog) and i want to make another custom mob a fly but every time i export the file it says the name of the already exits even though the file name is different 

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