Can't make a custom block model!

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I was making a model for a block for my mod. It's dimensions are 1,2x3,9x1,2, anyways I made another block which is bigger than a normal block too and it worked! I don't know why this one doesn't! I used MrCrayfish's model creator as with the first one and I just got broken textures! Please tell me how to fix that!

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Man, I found nothing! I am working on that 1 heckin' block 5 HOURS in general! I made 4 different models, I tried everything, but nothing works! Why ONLY this block? Is that even normal?

You can upload the model and either RocksterBonnet or I will try to help, you are most likely missing something, don't rage ;)

Done! Also, how I can make models for stairs and slabs, I want them to look like vanilla Minecraft stairs and slabs, but I don't know how to achieve this(

Just a short part of the JSON model code from the file you attached:

"display": {
        "gui": {
            "rotation": [ 30, 45, 0 ],
            "translation": [ 0, 0, 0 ],
            "scale": [ 0.625, 0.625, 0.625 ]

See the rotation set to 30?

Now check the page I linked:

Minecraft JSON models can only have a standard set of rotation angles. These are 0, 90, 180, or 270 for block models and 45 through -45 degrees in 22.5 degree increments for item models. More info:

Oh sorry, this is the rotation for display and this should be fine. Please run Minecraft and look into the block with broken model and paste the whole contents of the console tab when you do so here.

Weird, but ok, I've made another and it worked (5th model worked yay). So, how can I make stairs and slabs with the same rotations as the vanilla slabs have

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