How Do I Run A Command?

Published by supermj767 on Sat, 08/10/2019 - 18:14
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Issue description

I Cant Run a Command Using Procedures


I Want It So That When A Block Gets Redstone Activated It Will Run A Command

Issue comments

In order to run the command, the procedure needs a reference (dependency) to one of the entities (player in creative mode or with cheats enabled) in order to execute a command due to security reasons in Minecraft to prevent cheating and we can't bypass this.

Use procedures own logic instead commands to achieve your desired action would be my suggestion.

clone ~9 ~6 ~9 ~ ~-1 ~1 0 4 0

This Will Allow Animations In Minecraft If You Have Several Of Them

Unfortunately, you can't do this with procedures yet, but the commands have the limitation I wrote above.

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