The Website BUG with me!

Published by Nouyoule on Sun, 08/18/2019 - 14:02
Issue description

Hello everyone, i have a big problem: I can't write a comment, i can't go to my account because the Website show "Log out", and other.

Note: When i am log out, the Website show "Register", but i put again the Website for login into my account.

See this image (In Imgur because the image don't work) for the prove:

In this image, when i click on the "Account" button, the Website show "Log out" and not other, very creepy.

Even thing below, the "Topics" button and "Modifications" aren't together.

Now, see this image:

OH! I can't write a comment, but WITHOUT TEXT AREA! I need help, because i can't thank the big developper Klemen and the good BLDragon V2 (it is a example)!

Thanks you very much for help me! I am sorry if it is my computer who make this "bug".

Issue comments

It is good, thanks you very much for your reply, and sorry of disturb you for that.

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