Effect partially doesn't work

Published by sobeqpl on Tue, 08/20/2019 - 09:03
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Issue description


If you don't know about my issue/don't remember me- there's link to my post : https://mcreator.net/forum/52349/effect-partially-doesnt-work

And as Klemen asked me- there's the workspace: https://mega.nz/#!ALxAhCQR!tB4YudxYFZrdfTYKCvb-FPfkVXmC0EOjEloFQpqtdPs

Hope it get fixed soon, and thanks for your attention.

Issue comments

Set duration of the potions you give with tick update to 1, so the potion is only given for the amount of the time tick lasts - one tick. This should sort the problems out.

I have tested the item you have in inventory and it gives you potion as you screenshotted this procedure in the forum linked. Should I test it with another mod element too?

I mean the effect of holding the Item in inventory gives you the effect but it doesn't work, you have it on the inventory tab, you have particles but there's no damage, I used the same procedure to the few more items and it gives the same effect

Ok, I see the issue. From this page: https://mcreator.net/wiki/potion-effect-ids


  • Does 1 hit point of damage every 25 ticks/1.25 seconds until the player or mob is at 1 hit point of health
  • Hearts turn yellow-green

Delay between damage is reduced by half (rounding down) with each additional level

The poison effect is only applied for 1 tick and never reaches 25 ticks at level 1. I set the procedure to add potion with level 25 for 1 tick and I indeed got hurt.

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