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Published by blizvrd on Thu, 08/29/2019 - 15:49
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Absolutely love the MCreator however to make ultimate minecraft mod would be cool to have some more elements we can add to the game, there are few (28) things that definitely would improve the experience of making mods using MCreator in my opinion. Let me know what you think!
1. Making Twin Block option in block making so custom grass and dirt, so custom grass spreads over custom dirt if they are selected in twin block option and materials are grass and ground - just a way to make blocks react with one other like leaves and logs and dirt and grass
2. Adding food procedures that items have (when in inventory etc.)
3. Flying mobs that arent bat AI, bat AI makes custom mobs spawn in dark caves only even though spawn of the mob was specified differently
4. open biome height variation & base height, having cool, old farlands look-alike land is what I am aiming for so I have to edit code and lock it.
5. biome - a few versions of trees we can include (different blocks), right now we have to make a lot of structures to make biomes look alive with different tree types.

6. separate plants and crops in block creation, I want my block to have a custom plant of bush but not crops

7. randomize e.g. 0-4 number of drops from e.g. block ore
8. Add gates, fences, doors, ladders, stairs, slabs, walls, panes they are hell on earth to make using procedures
9. Custom Villager tradings or template for procedure or even whole addition to the mob creation
10. Custom plants with two different blocks e.g. base plant block & different top block of the plant

11. selected light level for dimension,(maybe day & night cycle selection including how long would it take )
12. option to make effects that we give player not visible, e.g. making custom potion effect which gives hunger without showing effect icon near inventory
13. Make block decay without 'twin' block if material leaves are selected or something similar to make leaves decay
14. make mobs follow you if you have block, item in hand
15. add shears in block mining option, maybe option to make custom shears
16. add to player/entity procedures -  if player/entity is holding item
17. Colored ingame names of items, blocks and other elements

18 tooltips for tools and every other element instead of blocks & items only
19 make option mobs run away after sudden movement (without shift) & run away when player is holding [item]
20 option to make simpler crafting table instead of procedures? Possibility to open normal crafting table GUI on custom block right-clicked 
21 make something like pig and carrot on stick? so mobs follow your curson when u ride them and hold [item]
23. Custom Beds?

24. Custom Elytra? In means of retexture and different recipe
25. ^Same with shield and boats/minecarts
26. Change Tools attack speed in creation menu
27. procedure "if an item is in other hand"

28. option to make custom bullets & custom projectile of mobs disappear , mobs shoots custom bullet models, prodecures for mob bullets

At this point, this is everything I would want to make MCreator PERFECT in my eyes. Am I missing anything you would want? Comment!

Issue comments

Some of these are already planned or possible. The issue tracker is not for feature lists as we can't track each of them. Such lists belong to the forum so users can discuss them and tell their favorites which will then make it in next versions.

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